Moderna Vaccine in Pakistan Latest News

Moderna Vaccine in Pakistan Latest News

Modern Covid vaccines is 95% effective as per the latest findings. The availability of Moderna vaccine in Pakistan is eagerly awaited in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and other parts of the country as people want to return to the normal life as soon as possible.

Moderna is a American drug company which has done this favor to the humanity. After working day in and day out with lots of funding from US administartion they have now come up with a feasible vaccine. “We are going to have a vaccine that can stop COVID-19,” Moderna President Stephen Hoge has said talking to the media. This is a great hopeful news and genuine one for the whole world including Pakistan.

The idea behind this vaccine is quite complex and in simple terms it is that the body detects the genetic material and new protein as foreign, and mounts an immune response — producing antibodies that learn to remember and fight the virus if the body encounters it again. Using messenger RNA (or mRNA), the vaccines carry instructions to the body to create the SARS-CoV-2 protein the vaccine is aiming to protect against. Previous vaccines have taken years to develop, so why are some COVID-19 candidates ready so quickly, and will they be safe?

While a commercially-available vaccine is not likely to be available for at least 12-18 months, Moderna reported it is possible that under emergency use, a vaccine could be available to some people, possibly including healthcare professionals, in the fall of 2020. Moderna confirmed that it is scaling up manufacturing capacity toward the production of millions of doses per month, in the potential form of individual or multi-dose vials.

The data from Moderna’s trial involving 30,000 volunteers also showed the vaccine prevented cases of severe COVID-19 and this is definitely encouraging progress. It is likely that vaccines that prevent symptomatic disease will reduce the duration and level of infectiousness, and thus reduce transmission, but we don’t yet know if this effect will be large enough to make any meaningful difference to the spread of the virus within communities.

The company Moderna has obtained nearly $US1 billion in research and development funding from federal government in United States and has a $US1.5 billion deal for 100 million doses. The company hopes to produce between 500 million and 1 billion doses in 2021, split between its US and international manufacturing sites, dependent in part on demand.


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