Who is Tara Mahmood and What Has She Done?

Who is Tara Mahmood and What Has She Done?

Who is Tara Mahmood and What Has She Done and why Tara Mahmood scandal is making round at the social media where her photos are being discussed with Deepak Parwani? I mean what a backward and cheap thing to do with such a great artist?

What has happened to our society and why we are so cheap and below the belt? Tara is a gifted and talented artist who has not only shown her mettle in acting but she has also proven herself as an established singer through sheer hard work. Just because Tara is daughter of Shafqat Mahmood, the PTI minister doesn’t mean that the political opponent would start bashing her and start using her innocuous photos with her friends as some sort of scandal.

If you love music and musical instruments then you will appreciate that the depth of Tara’s voice. Her rythym and her tonal quality is beyond this world. Tara has been singing for a long time now but with break as she just does it for fun and she is not a professional singer. Tara joined the band Rushk in 2014 after five years long hiatus as its lead vocalist replacing Nazia Zuberi, and she is still active.

Tara is not new in this field. She started way back in 2004 and has been active in one form or another. Up to this date, she has done more than 20 drama serials and has worked behind the scenes in many others. Her name has become symbol of quality and success. I love her role in Jackson Heights. I also loved her performances in hit serial ‘Suno Chanda’ and its sequel ‘Suno Chanda 2’ and then the list goes on and on.

So please come back to some senses and appreciate her talent instead of getting into this riffraff.

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