njp.gov.pk National Jobs Portal Online App

njp.gov.pk National Job Portal Online App

njp.gov.pk National Jobs Portal Online App is available and every Pakistani citizen can avail this awesome opportunity to earn a decent living anywhere in the Pakistan. The registration, forms, help, customer service everything is streamed line.

National Job Portal (NJP) is among the major initiatives of the current Government of PAKISTAN, under the “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF PAKISTAN” vision. It is a single platform for Job seekers from all over the country, to get a job in public sector. National Job Portal provides an excellent opportunity for Job seekers to categorically find and apply on their dream job. In order to maintain transparency, the jobs are posted through a well-developed back end portal, which helps the employer in hiring the deserving candidates only on pure merit basis.

In order to find government job in Pakistan under National Jobs Portal, you need to make sure that you select the correct category and scale out of following: PPS-9, PPS-8, PPS-7, PPS-6, PPS-5, PPS-4, PPS-3, PPS-2, PPS-12, PPS-11, PPS-10, PPS-1, MP-III, MP-II, MP-I, BPS-22, BPS-21, BPS-20, BPS-19, BPS-18, BPS-17, BPS-16, BPS-15, BPS-14, BPS-13, BPS-12, BPS-11. Once you do that make sure to create an account by registering first online.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday approved the establishment of ‘National Job Portal’ to provide immense opportunities of employment to the country’s youth. It’s not about likeness, not about support, not about respectNo entry sign. It’s about LoveTwo hearts, it’s about devotion, it’s about Junoon. Imran Khan doesn’t really know politics. Bilawal Zardari and Maryam Nawaz were humiliated in the streets of Gilgit-Baltistan and Khan won the election sitting at home.

This all is happening to the initiatives like National Job Portal or NJP. 22 years of struggle before he became Prime Minister of Pakistan. He could have compromised when he got tempting offers during the struggle period, but he stayed on his ideology and created a true ideological party. Youth will never leave him alone. The man with it’s passion and ambitious it Will surely Change the Pakistan toward great economic hub and leading country.

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