Atif Aslam on Velo Sound Station

Atif Aslam on Velo Sound Station

As the nation and the world recovers from Coronavirus pandemic, Atif Aslam on Velo Sound Station has set the stage on fire. He has brought the vivid memories back with his melodious performance and tonal qualities.

Watch Atif Aslam take pop up to the next level with ‘KADI TE HANS’ at VELO Sound Station. Velo has done it again. Atif Aslam seems like he is bossing and vibing outside his comfort zone with great ease and composure. I have listened to his new track and it’s a masterpiece. I have heard it ten times and its a pure class and best remake so far. He has made the quarantine so much easy for many out there.

But not everyone is happy as usual. Some said on social media that such a beautiful and nostalgic pop song with so many memories, brutally destroyed by this awful rendition and that too by atif. What is this obsession of singers with re-engineering old hits. There are many who want to keep old song as is instead of remaking. You hear all sorts of opinions out there but then this is part of the game.

When you wakeup with Kitty makeup on your face done by Wife – it makes me feel I woke up with some Cat’man feature on me. So waht is Velo sound station and how can you download the song and how can you stream it online for free? You can also make a ring tone or whatsapp tone out of it pretty easily. Velo Sound station is for pop and rock singers. It’s not replacing coke studio but it’s just another channel.

That’s a new fresh start of another music platform, it’s really good to see music heritage keep alive here. Kadi Te Hans is nostalgia. We listened this song when we’ll in the era of pop, refresh feel of recreation, the vining base music, lope vibing bassist feel, new composition, and alot new thing make this amazing. Atif took this song on another level. I hope Atif sings more and more songs in this show.

The list of singers in Velo sound station this season is long including Atif Aslam, Ali Azmat. Aima Baig, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Strings, Ahmed Jehanzeb, Hadiqa Kiani, Strings and many many more new singers. You can also apply to sing in Velo sound station with your band if you think you are up to it.


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  1. Atif u always rocks. Keep it up. Proud of you.

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