Sindh Punjab Schools Closing from Nov 25 NCOC Decides

Sindh Punjab Schools Closing from Nov 25 NCOC Decides

Sindh Punjab schools closing from Nov 25 NCOC decides and is also going to broadcast that shortly for the media. This was on the cards as the second wave of Coronavirus pandemic looms large in Pakistan but the protests are already underway.

NCOC will be advised to close schools for one month from Nov 25th. Exams postponement also advised. The Corona situation worsening day by day, sensible decision by the minister
Shafqat Mahmood. May Allah S.W.T keep everyone of us to the best of our health. Good decision! Although the virus may not affect children that much, it doesn’t mean that they’re not carriers. They can transfer the virus to the elders in the family.

One of the question being asked is that whether just schools or all educational institutes like colleges and universities and tuition centers will be closed too? Strict lock down required for our nation according to many analysts are people have become too complacent and soft. Many are not taking it seriously and even teachers and staff in the school is very careless about it as no one is following any SOP.

Education is a provincial matter so NCOC will have to advise Provincial education ministries. Provinces will then decide on their own keeping in view statistics of that specific province. Meanwhile bar elections are being held in sindh and city court feels like a fish market as there is no SOP whatsoever. Keeping in view priority of students health and severity of second wave of corona. We have decided to shut down all educational institutes till April. All classes will be online.

1: Someone is saying: ” Delay MDcat”
2: Someone is saying:”Reduce syllabus”
3: Someone is saying: “Cancel Mdcat”

Dear Students Are you ready for Lockdown season 2?

This is mind boggling . We want immediate closure of institutions.

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