Video Game Programming Course by Ministry of Science Tech

Video Game Programming Course by Ministry of Science Tech

The minister of science and technology Fawad Chaudhry has tweeted that if you don’t like to study much and more interested in playing video games on your mobile phone that your chance is here as video game programming course by ministry of science technology will be here very soon for free.

The special program by ministry of ST about video game programming will be aimed at 90 billion dollar industry of gaming. Students of Pakistan would be able to obtain certificates of animation and video games online for free. It will prove a game changer for them. So instead of just playing them for fun, they will be developing games and contributing to the economy as well as improving their status of life.

I always ask to myself, why I am playing a game which is developed by someone and benefiting him with $ while I am wasting my time. Why not I develop one that can benefit me and my country? This program if implemented properly will be really a game changer for Pakistan. To become a best mathematician, you need to develop mathematical thinking which happen over the years during schooling & college up to early Uni. If someone got a head like you then a won’t be enough to become a world class programmer & compete on global market.

We should have to promote or gaming and Animation industry. Most of animations on youtube for children is from India. We should have to produce animation for our children which represent our own culture. This is a part of Education, universities offering degrees in animations. Pakistan have outdated syllabus so government also needs to review and revive or overhaul it from the root. This is a great step though.

We should introduce we chat like China run by state many good things will come out such as it will help digitize the economy it will provide payment solutions for people outside the city and also a great tool of security on social media. First regulate the IT in pakistan you even don’t know what basic steps need to start this program, Pakistani programmers doing great job all over the world ,the reason we are far away is lack of latest machines and testing labs and facilitation, it will not be enough.

Air Univ, for the past 2 yrs, is successfully offering a 4 yrs BS deg prog in Gaming and Multi-media. This prog was started seeing a huge global market in Gaming and a almost total void in Pakistan. This field has huge potential in simulation besides the special effects domain. Air Univ in recent years, in a ground breaking first in country, started 4 yrs BS progs in Cybersecurity and Gaming and Multi-media. It now offers MS in both progs. CybSec progs are among the most sought after progs. AU is home of National Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity.

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