Video of Girls Dance with Boys in Women Uni Quetta

quetta girls dance

The video of girls dance with boys in women uni Quetta has sparked yet another controversy in the country. In the video which is getting viral it can be seen that girls and men are dancing in the lawn of university and it goes on for a while.

The dance is traditional and the dressing of girls is also fine but in the ultra-conservative society of Balochistan this is unacceptable and hence there is huge outrage there. The university administration is trying to play it down because they are fearing a backlash from the general public and especially the religious leaders. This is actually quite rare in Quetta as you don’t even hardly see women out there in public life.

These are old videos but it is a shame that our sisters are dancing in front of men. Dance culture is common in all universities. It is much better to celebrate with hatred and fighting, but the owners of traditional and static thinking are angry with this process. They love hatred, violence and conservatism instead of happiness. Live as if this is the last day as the life is short and sweet.

Actually personally I got quite emotional after watching this video because it has brought back lots of memories and dreams from the youth. I am weeping for the future of my country as I see the happiness of the students of universities and schools on this holiday. If our future architects continue to run away from their responsibilities in this way, the future of the country will get darker and darker.

We are on a fresh journey towards becoming another Afghanistan. The traditionalist Pashtuns are never ready to accept such an act while various forces are forcibly cultivating such an act here. As a result, there will be bloodshed. Anyway, some say that its expected as Balochistanis practicing for Navratri 2021. Well whatever it is, just let it go and let the people enjoy their lives as they are doing nothing wrong.

We are living in a modern age where everyone has the right to enjoy themselves and it’s imperative that we support our youth and end this suffocating environment and make sure that we sing, dance and enjoy the life.

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