Mansoor Ali Khan Traps Imran Khan

Mansoor Ali Khan Traps Imran Khan

Anchorperson Mansoor Ali Khan traps Imran Khan in a surprise TV interview as perhaps PTI tried to show that Imran just doesn’t give interviews to people like Sabir Shakir and Kashif Abbasi. But whoever suggested this to Imran Khan must be his enemy as Mansoor was all over IK while IK was just bleating and was visibly appeared shaken, vulnerable and weak.

Last night Mansoor Ali Khan interviewed Imran Khan on Express News at 7 pm. There were lots of embarrassing moments for the Imran during interview where he had no clue what to answer and how to answer. From U-turns to his pre-election promises, and from being called ‘selected’ to Jehangir Tareen, and from hollow accountability to vengeful politics and from dismal performance to economic meltdown; Mansoor Ali Khan scored high with this interview while gaining lots of ratings.

Obviously PTI is not happy. It’s social media members who have been bashing Mansoor Ali Khan as Envelope Journalist and abusing him day in and day out for the last couple of years are shocked that how come their leader gave interview to such a person. They are now saying that respect the respectful man, he respects you ten times more. If you respect the low character, it shows his real face.

Not fair. A proven kamzarf why was he given opportunity for having so much TRP. Otherwise who watch his program??? Not a wise decision I feel as per one PTI member. After watching this interview, I am not 100%. Khan should have been a bit aggressive. I think being a good or bad journalist doesn’t matter now as long as you’re the part of a TV channel. Another PTI fan said that IK made a colossal mistake by agreeing ot this interview.

Mr. Mansoor asked the right Questions: this is what IK used to say about CH. Parvaiz. Who wants to watch real interviews. They must see the hard talk of how the anchor asks tough questions. The anchor’s job is not to praise, but to answer the toughest questions. I think no one has seen this interview like me, who never miss Imran Khan interview. I expect same stupid questions, but I am happy that people who never watch Ik interview would have listened him. This is how they will have some sense including Mansoor.

PTI is now demanding investigation into the reason as how Mansoor got access to Imran and who in PM’s media team arranged this interview. There is a real anger there as they feel that Mansoor Ali Khan trapped their leader and their leader was exposed.



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