Panda Mart in Pakistan by Food Panda Groceries

Panda Mart in Pakistan by Food Panda Groceries

It might sound like a big thing if you live outside of Pakistan, but Panda Mart in Pakistan by Food Panda groceries is something very unique. I actually never imagined that Pakistan would get such a service at that short notice with such a good quality.

Within 30 minutes your grocery items in Karachi will be delivered to your doorstep. I have ordered groceries from different websites before but none of them promised to deliver them in 30 minutes but pandamart did and lived up to their promise. I’m amazed. I always heard of delivery of pizza in 30 minutes but now panda mart is here for you by delivering groceries and essential items just in 30 minutes.

Now save your time and get all the necessities item at your place just in 30 minutes. From grocery items to laundry products, this is quite unique service. It offers offers big range of home essentials, from groceries to toiletries and cleaning supplies. Each pandamart store holds more than 2,000 unique products, including groceries and household items such as snacks, beverages, household supplies, staples (aata, daal, cheeni, chawal), cleaning products is on one click. There are variety of items available on here.

Thanks to technological advancements, pandamart becomes the fastest delivery service in Asia. Congratulations, foodpanda for another amazing achievement. Another day of being lazy and being able to order groceries from here. Life is changing and we all are adapting ourselves into this new ways of spending life. Life has taken a faster track and there’s no time for Grocery and stuff. Let this thing get done by online mart within 30mins with Free delivery.

Competition in the online grocery delivery market is expected to escalate as food delivery app foodpanda becomes the latest player to step into the segment under pandamart. It provides delivery services by 30 minutes. No other e-commerce website is offering delivery of groceries in 30 minutes but pandamart. On top of it, there are several discount codes that you can use when placing the order. Use code pandamart20 to get 20% off.

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