Tabitha Spence Wife of Ammar Ali Jan Photos and Bio

Tabitha Spence Wife of Ammar Ali Jan Photos and Bio

Pakistanis are always fascinated by foreign girls who marry Pakistani boys and that is why Ammar Ali Jan wife Tabitha Spence is so popular. She is not only gorgeous but also very talented, intelligent and brave who is well aware of social and political landscape of Pakistan.

Regardless of what Ammar Ali Jan’s views are, it is quite good to see that foreign girls are now becoming part of Pakistani mainstream issues and trying to play their part. Yes, there have been some unfortunate incidents where police raided and arrested them but then this is all part of the game if you are living in Pakistan and are an activist. This is the price you have to pay and remember that many people have paid very heavily unfortunately, so lets move on.

I believe that everyone should play the game with balance keeping in perspective the values of Pakistan. Anyway, the wedding photos of Tabitha and Ammar are quite nice. I have obtained few of them from social media and as they are already in the public sphere so sharing them here.

We wish this beautiful couple a happy married life and safe social activism in Pakistan.


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