Will Asifa Bhutto Eclipse Maryam Nawaz?

Will Asifa Bhutto Eclipse Maryam Nawaz

Will Asifa Bhutto Eclipse Maryam Nawaz ? This is the talk of town as Asifa enters into practical politics with a bang. Reminiscence of her mother, Asifa was purposely clad in her mother’s shawl and attire, and even waved like her during PDM’s Multan public rally.

People watched with awe the historical scene; On the one hand, Mian Sahib’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif is leading the rally and reaching Multan. On the other hand, Asifa Bhutto, daughter of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, is leading the rally. Both drew huge public from all parts of Southern Punjab. Despite of the criticism of dynastic politics, people still came and rallied around them. This is another reality of Pakistan.

It is quite evident that Pakistan People’s Party has launched Asifa after getting impressed by the reception received by Maryam throughout Pakistan. She has been stealing all the limelight of Pakistan democratic movement in every public meeting in all four provinces. The slain former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was called as chain of four provinces. PPP saw that Maryam was fast filling that space and that’s what bothered them.

That is why they have launched Asifa Bhutto who is very close to her father and has learned the politics from him. She was very young when her mother passed away so she didn’t get much from her though she has learned fast from her father. Her oratory is impressive too. Asifa is not as pretty as Maryam but she is still charming and by mimicking Benazir Bhutto she is all set to share limelight with Maryam if not taken away it all.

Maryam is still a giant with her speeches, bravery, beauty, and charisma and it will take a lot for Asifa to replace her as main magnet.

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