PhD in UK and Europe for Pakistanis in 2021

PhD in UK and Europe for Pakistanis in 2021

PhD in UK and Europe for Pakistanis in 2021 advice for free and without any obligation. This is by no means a definite guide but still a good resource for anyone who is interested in it and pursuing it in the near future from Pakistan.

I am offering my help to anyone from Pakistan who want to apply for PhD in UK(especially) and Europe in general. Only people who are actually serious about applying and ready to put serious effort into it are welcome. This would be my small contribution towards my country. A lot of people are asking about MS as well. For masters, the scholarships are very rare in the UK. The only option is to look for Erasmus Mundus for Europe. But if any self funded Masters student want help in the application process, I will be happy to do that.

if you would keep your questions specific (like what specific problem you are having or any specific thing you wanna ask about the application process) that would be great. For UK, is one of the best to look for positions. I initially had a plan to do it in Germany but their tiring visa appointment policy made opt for Japan. Is there no language barrier in Japan? Also, how is it in terms of adjustment and finding other international students?

For Masters, funded positions are very rare although you can apply for self-funded through individual universities. Let me know if you have any queries for the application process. PhD programmers, research projects and studentships in UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, and Australia will be open in 2021 for all students so its a great chance if you are looking to apply next year. MS leading to PhD in Project Management is another way.

MS leading to PHD in Public Administration or Any management / business administration field. except UK , any country I would like to apply as already graduated from UK. What about colleges and degree programs cause I’ve done my BTEC in IT from a uk college, but the costs is really expensive these days. Veterinary studies is also a good option but I am not an expert in the field but can discuss general approach to the process of applying.

Can someone get admission in PHD Computer Science if he hadn’t done research in MS and completed MS with the help of optional subjects instead of doing research paper. Or is it compulsory to have done Research paper. Can you help in getting a PhD research collaboration with a university in imperial college London? Can you make it a condition of your help that they agree under oath to return to Pakistan and utilise their expertise and knowledge in helping to build this beautiful country? (And that they won’t settle long-term in a non-Muslim country for worldly gain as it’s against Islam).

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