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https ehsaas nadra gov pk ehsaas tracking ehsaas nadra gov pk ehsaas tracking and CNIC check online is an integral part of esas program as it helps a large section of Pakistani society by the current PTI governemnt under the leadership of this great pack of leaders.

Two million families will benefit under the new “Ehsaas Kafaalat Policy for Special Persons”. They will be eligible for a monthly stipend of Rs. 2000. This is a step toward a disability-inclusive and sustainable post COVID-19 world. What to do with those who have made people unemployed and put them on begging is one big challenge faced by this great step by this government and needs to be answered.

Very very great step and really really you’re very heartkinded person with Leader too. May Allah bless you and grant to you long health with long age ameen summa ameen. Yesterday i’ve watched this same news about “EKP”. Please take steps to increase water Rate (Abiana)for Canal water irrigation department has huge potential of revenue generation like Railway.Just try it once. Increase water rate from existing 135/Acre to Rs 2000/ acre. Currently its costing 875/acre to Punjab government.

It will sustain the low class inclusive the disable wll get hope and claim progress in the journey from low to middle and finally high class… this is how society builds… this is a great policy wll help in ending up lower class and eradicate poverty. Status quo is not an option-you need leader that puts country first – none of the 3 leading parties inspire me- – I had great hopes on Imran but he is like everybody else.

What about effected student from pandemic? How they will submit Universty fee? From where the student will arrange the fee in this situations? What about doctors and scholars of Pakistani Universities? A good step. Sehet card is also a great idea specially in kpk people r feeling the difference bt ur business policies r not based on ground realities n government has failed to control inflation.

Also kindly look into the matter of NFML employees, we have been deprived of our rights. Regularization in 2013 but still status is not confirmed. Now PTI government gives rights of stammer Person who facing problems since 1947. PTI government made organization and appoints me as a Managing Director and i am MBA passed and jobless from six years. n Sunday was nmdcat paper and i was just approx 10 mints late after the centre was closed and the paper was not started. And they didn’t allow me to enter the centre(NTS Headquarter Islamabad). Let us appear on 13 December for NMDCAT or my whole year would be wasted.

was watching the video Where Bait ul Mal given artificial legs & arms for 100 disable people. I can feel the joy & happiness on their face. It is a good initiative but please, Provide them with accessibility equipment, make books available in accessible forms, provide them with facilities in examination halls and fulfill all the existing laws and promises. The monthly stipend is too low, Mr. prime minister. It should be at least 15,000 for the deserving people. The risk of corruption is high too. I wish there were more honest people like you in PTI.


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