No Transfer Direct Termination from Job in Pakistan

No Transfer Direct Termination from Job in Pakistan

From now on, if anyone gets caught doing corruption or not doing the duties property there will be no transfer direction termination from job in Pakistan. This is what is needed in the old, tired, corrupt, and weird bureaucratic system in Pakistan.

According to details, PTI MPA, Dr. Sumera Shams,introduced the resolution in the provincial assembly on Wednesday The draft of the resolution states current trends suggest that digital currencies will replace paper currencies in the future. Aiming to facilitate public complaints in real time, government has been working to establish an electronic system to removing barriers between the prime minister and the public.

Citizens Portal App is the revolution that PM Imran Khan promised. Top 3 App in service delivery category from 87 countries. 2.7 million complaints, 94% resolved. Helpline in Urdu, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi & English. It is operational under the umbrella of PMDU since October 2018. During the last two years, 28 million people have registered 115,000 complaints per month on the system with 2.3 million complaints lodged.

PM Imran Khan 2 years ago, taken an initiative to solve common person’s problem via digital way and PMDU comes into being. That historical vision is reality today and managing every issue as a prior one. The portal had enabled the citizens to highlight their issues and seek intervention at the highest level for their resolution. With 94% complaint resolution, Pakistan Citizen Portal epitomizes the true spirit of effective and efficient service delivery.

The premier explained that foreign investment may increase in Pakistan when barriers to investment are removed by addressing and resolving complaints lodged through the portal. The governance system surely will push all departments. As the Prime Minister, I had no way of knowing how efficient various departments are. Governments in the past used to have complaint cells to address public complaints but they would seldom meet expectations. PCP instead is said have the capacity to handle huge load which differentiates it from previous complaint cells.

Under the new complaint system, confusion on part of the citizens due to multiple complaint cells would be avoided. All complaints would be processed in real-time. The PMDU including PCP, operations and management is managed by Prime Minister’s Office (Public).All complaint handling processes under PCP are backed by a well-chalked out“User’s Guidelines Manual for Complaint and Suggestions Handling.

Top ten officers with successful resolution of the complaints were MD SNGPL with 93836 resolutions, CEO MEPCO (38,434), Complaint Manager IESCO (27,616), CEO PESCO (22,406). About 4,646 mobile applications of different categories were submitted by 87 countries in the competition held in Dubai at the WGS earlier this week. Indonesia came out on top while the United States stood at the third spot.

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