PMLN SMT Convention 2020 Live Updates

For live coverage, footage, news and PMLN SMT Convention 2020 Live Updates tune in to the as this is the platform for the youth. This convention is happening at a crunch time. Both Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz Sharif are going to address this convention live.

You can also watch the live stream of PMLN SMT convention on youtube and at other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. PMLN workers are quite charged and they say that this will be the prelude to the end of fascist regime of Imran Khan and his incompetent administration. Stage -set . Lights -set. Cameras – set. The big day is here – just be ready to roar Sher Jawans; this is the message which is being reverberated throughout social media today.

Today is surely a big day for PMLN clan. Today khokhar palace would be hosting the heroes who’vv been huge warriors since long carrying and spreading the narrative of Mian shb with whole their strenghts. It’s your day Sheroooo. A oath of loyalty with MIAN MUHAMMAD NAWAZ SHARIF to fight for civil supremacy as put by one of the sher jawan of PMLN. The passion of youth is electrifying today as they gear up to attend this convention.

Today is just a social media convention and it will be very grand but on the day of PDM meeting in Lahore it will break all records because all the old and young children and women are united in the movement to honor the vote. May Allah protect all of us and ensure a successful convention. Thanks to Atif Rauf and his team and party leadership for organizing. PMLN social media is proud to be the torch bearer in the quest for a prosperous Pakistan backed up with strong democratic principles and civilian supremacy.

This social media convention will be a written in history as it is the trailer of upcoming PDM jalsa in Lahore. Its not a convention only. its referendum to reject the Selected PM Imran Ahmed Niazi. Under the leadership of Maryam Nawaz Sharif and under the patronage of Atif Sahib, the social media wing has become a cyber force of the N-League, which is fighting for a people’s supremacist democracy.




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