Who is Qasim and His Dreams in Pakistan

Who is Qasim and His Dreams in Pakistan

Who is Qasim and his dreams in Pakistan about politics, political figures, events to happen, results of elections and so many other things. I am not siding with anyone or declaring whether his dreams or true or not but Qasim dreams are getting popularity.

Qasim dreams are about politics, current affairs, sports, actors, actresses and so many other stuff. Muhammad Qasim has been predicting stuff for a long time now. Sometimes things happen and sometimes they don’t. His diehard followers are adamant that he has been true and bang on target all the time, whereas the naysayers just think that it was coincidence most of the time or an educated guess or outright false many times.

Address, phone numbers, fee and other information about Muhammad Qasim is also available.

Muhammad Qasim has said in an interview, “Apart from this you see unnecessary pictures and images all over the city or some people use the images of celebrities in their homes then this is not permissible and it falls under the forms of shirk. Where they are necessary we should use them but we shouldn’t use them if they are not needed.” That and his dreams about Imran Khan are also quite popular in PTI file and rank.

Following are top dreams of Muhammad Qasim:

  • India Will Send Virus In Pakistan Army.
  • Kashmir Will Become A Part Of Pakistan Before Gazwa E Hind
  • Before gazwa e hind by allah’s mercy we will make our own technology
  • WW3 is coming. 80 Crore people will die in WW3
  • Inflation will rise, Imran Khan will fail.

Quite interestingly, Qasim’s entire focus is on Imran Khan and what the Niazi should do. He says that Imran Khan knows very well that he has failed. He should accept soon and listen to Muhammad Qasim’s dreams. Imran Khan will say with regret, I should have met Muhammad Qasim much earlier. Imran khan must leave his shirk activities if he wants his government to be successful. If he repents to Allah the surely Allah will make him successful.

I have shared many of my dreams with my family members, friends, and neighbors, and they all ignore me. Similarly there are many other forms of shirk. If you want Allah’s help and you wish to be successful then you have to protect yourselves from all forms of shirk. When they knew I was headed to the path of peaceful land they started following me and even walked faster than me. But if the Muslim Ummah wants to come out of the darkness and regain its lost status then the only possible way to achieve this status is to abolish shirk and its forms at all the levels.





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