Privatization of PIMS Hospital Islamabad

PIMS Hospital

The privatization of PIMS Hospital Islamabad has been decided and doctors are protesting in every way they could. As is the case with most of the decisions by this PTI government, PIMS privatization has been promulgated through a presidential ordinance without any say of parliament.

This is the change for you, the promised change which many hoped and now cursing themselves for chasing a lie, a mirage of third degree. I still remember doctors at home and abroad rallying behind PTI and abusing PMLN government. Now the same doctors are at loss and embarrassed to see the worst of their change. They are now repenting but this serpent of change is going to engulf them and won’t even look back.

PIMS hospital will be private hospital now and all the patients would have to pay the fee for admission, tests, medicine, check up and other services. These fees of hospital would be same as of any other hospital in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Even the cancer patients would have to pay the fee. Room charges will be increased too. So in other words, poor people of Pakistan are not allowed in this hospital anymore.

Every step of this govt’s is against public interest. Why PM is so unaware of ground realities of Pakistani society? Common man don’t have securities of their basic rights, but PM is on the way of increasing their deprivation. So much for the false change. How will poor afford or get the healthcare? Doctors of PIMS has biggest “CHOMMONA” for this dabdeli. Intelligent most segment of Pakistani society i.e. doctors were in highest favor of this tabdeeli. Worst team is running country because Khan hasn’t any authority to run the country or select key people.

It is actually alarming situation. My cousin is a neurosurgeon at #PIMS & has been incharge of Covid19 team. He was showing great disappointment towards PTI government & called this an inhuman act. He will get a job in some other government hospitals but what about patients? This is going to be very tough for the people of this capital now and it is being said that this model will be replicated in other government and public hospitals too.


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  1. People have elected butcher in pakistan

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