Electric Cars in Pakistan Prices Charging Stations Info

Electric Cars in Pakistan Prices Charging Stations Info

Electric Cars in Pakistan Prices Charging Stations Info is now available as more and more car makers are making entry into Pakistani market. Electric cars are the future, there is no doubt about it and Pakistanis are always ready to try out new technologies.

Tesla in Pakistan is still a dream, but MG cars of UK owned by Chinese is all set to make debut in Pakistan. MG HS and its electric variant ZS EV will be on our roads in 2021 as a MOU has already been signed between JW Auto PARK and SAIC motor. These electric SUVs in Pakistan the HS and ZS-EV are made by Morris Garages or MG motors UK, which is now owned by Chinese car maker SAIC Motor based in Shanghai, China.

I am particularly very impressed by MG ZS -EV electric SUV in Pakistan. It has electric 44.5 KWH engine with lithium ion battery. Its transmission is automatic and its power is 141 HP. It hast he torque of 350NM and also has standard 6 airbags. ZS can travel up to 262 kilometres in a single charge. This car has heated front seats and also passengers seats are 4 way adjustable. This car comes in both fabric and leather options.

Pollution is a major problem in Pakistan and cars contribute a lot there. Pakistani cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and various others are choked and heavily polluted. Electric cars in Pakistan would solve many of these issues. Rapid urbanization and motorization in cities will further intensify these challenges of pollution but electrifying of cars would really help here. Electric cars help to reduce the issues of CO2 emissions and poor air quality.

But Pakistani government must think in advance as there are some downsides too, but they can be addressed. Hydroelectricity is a major source of renewable electricity, but hydro projects can have serious negative effects on their surrounding environment. This ultimately leaves solar energy and wind energy as the two sources of energy that give EVs the best chance of mitigating environmental damage. We must not resolve one issue and introduce another one.

People are also very much interested in BMW i3 electric car in Pakistan, which is Rs.2.00 Cr. Also the AUDI electric car price in Pakistan is Rs 1.50 Cr. . Alibaba is also not far behind. Alibaba electric car price is Rs. 10 lac. It also comes in a mini and sports versions and there are various variants of it. You need to do your own research in this regard, as there are various variables here and also availability is limited.

I firmly believe that in the long run electric cars in Pakistan would be ideal for low- and middle-income families.




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