Story of Shaheera Jalil and Her Complaints

Story of Shaheera Jalil and Her Complaints

The story of Shaheera Jaill and her complaints is quite interesting and lesson-oriented as that is the story of so many of us out there. This seems like an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Pakistani girl whinging on social media just because she didn’t get her way, but that’s not the case really. Let’s hear her story in her own words:

The system is rotten. It really is and there is no doubt about it. In past 4 months, I presented my 3-point Youth Quota proposal to 9 MNAs and Senators from PTI, PPP, PMLN. Result? ZERO. First of all if you want to meet an MNA/Senator in Pakistan, you try to contact them on their public phone numbers from NA/Senate websites. If their number is not given, you call their parliament lodge but nobody ever picks up.

In most cases, after the khwari of many months, you finally get to their PA, phir you start requesting the PA to schedule the meeting, then after many ‘Yes Sir, Please Sir, Thank you Sir’ you finally get a 10-minute meeting with the MNA/Senator. In those 10 minutes, you will speak for only 1 minute, the MNA/Senator will speak for 9 minutes. They’re ghanta interested in all the research you did all these months to counter their arguments. They tell you what THEY think and the meeting is over.

Yes, they want us to go wild when Aseefa’s political career is launched. Yes, they want us to hype Maryam Nawaz as some ‘youth’ icon of democracy. Yes, they want us to volunteer in Tiger Force as some lollipop youth representation. But no, they DON’T want us to lead this country’s policy and politics ourselves. Hell, even the Special Asst to PM on ‘Youth Affairs’ (Usman Dar) is himself 46 (yaani 50 mein 4 kam). Only 1 from 26 Federal Ministers (Murad Saeed) is under 35.

Only 1 from 18 Sindh Cabinet Ministers is young. Only 1 from 12 KPK Cabinet Ministers is young at 38. Only 2 from 36 Punjab Cabinet Ministers ‘may be’ 35. No Balochistan Cabinet Minister is young. Leaders of major political parties are in the business of politics since decades. This, in the country with 64% population under 30. This, in the country with currently the largest youth population in its history. This, in the country with 1/3rd population b/w 15 and 29. This, in the country with millions of struggling young people with no job, with no family business, with no dynasties but a passion to serve their communities. This MUST change. Not only what policies are made but WHO gets to make policies in this country MUST change.

If you want that (1) For all elections, all political parties must allocate AT LEAST 30% election tickets to candidates who are under 35 (2) Apply this 30% youth composition to cabinet ministries, parliamentary leadership positions, & party CECs (3) Give preferential representation to under-represented sections of society in this 30% youth composition, then you can comment your name below or go to the google doc and write your name in support. 4th demand of the proposal I originally pitched to all MNAs/Senators I met was: All political parties must allocate rigorous funding to electoral campaigns of their 30% youth candidates.

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