Amazon AWS Coming to Pakistan

Amazon AWS Coming to Pakistan

Is Amazon AWS coming to Pakistan? Recently AWS has opened yet another region in Hyderabad India. When AWS region in Pakistan will open is the question many are asking as Pakistani cloud market is booming too as its gateway for many businesses and countries around the region.

Its about time that Amazon comes to Pakistan along with AWS cloud region, edge locations in Pakistan. Pakistani professional are eagerly awaiting it as they know this will create a booming job market in so many sectors and will have a very positive impact on overall IT industry. We want to give you a warm welcome to our country and work with us. We will give you full support and security with a large proper place.

We want Amazon in Pakistan. We really need to excel in online world. Dear Amazon we want service of amazon in Pakistan too as it provides us great benefits people of Pakistan are willing to have Amazon in their country i hope you think about this and provide your best services in Pakistan too. It’s our humbly request please come to Pakistan and establish your business here. Yes Pakistanis are begging Amazon on social media to come to Pakistan.

We want amazon to work in Pakistan because everybody knows the importance of online opportunities in Pakistan and a lot of Pakistanis are selling on Amazon. We want Amazon In Pakistan. He is giving you the place where you can open your office and you want security the Waqar Zaka is giving you everything you want please come to Pakistan open your Office here anywhere you want. The progress in Pakistan is slow and we can do with some help.

we want amazon account in Pakistan , if someone want to open the amazon account in Pakistan. We want your serves over here people would love your amazing delivery services and if you know Pakistan is one of the most populated country with over 200 million people and they want to avail your service. But there are some people who are against it too. They say that you people are out of your minds and doing all this stupid publicity stunt. If Amazon come to Pakistan it will eat all small enterprises.


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