Real Story Behind Indian Leaks by EU Disinfo Lab

Real Story Behind Indian Leaks by EU Disinfo Lab

This is the Real Story Behind Indian Leaks by EU Disinfo Lab with all the facts and figures which are undeniable and can be proven. Indian chronicles are real and must be taken seriously as this will open a can of worms for the biggest democracy in world.

Independent EU-focused NGO whose mission it is to raise awareness on #disinformation & contribute to a better information landscape. EU DisinfoLab is a young independent NGO focused on researching and tackling sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting the EU, its member states, core institutions, and core values. They believe that multidisciplinary knowledge and innovation are essential for stimulating change.

They are very neutral and above any affiliations. They don’t stir up conflicts and they don’t side with any party. All they do is highlight issues and problems fairly and squarely around the globe. They firmly and wholeheartedly believe in democratic governance and norms, such as accountability and pluralism, and neither companies nor individuals should be above the law. They also own up to their blunders whenever they happen.

The Divulgation of widespread Indian network of subversive activities by @DisinfoEU has completely exposed Indian intentions to threat the stability of global sys.The world needs to take notice of a rogue Indian regime. Revelation vindicates Pakistan’s position for good. Srivastava group supervised the creation of fake media in Brussels, Geneva, and across the world, as well as the repackaging and dissemination of content via ANI and obscure local media networks.

Listen Ex Army officer SP Sinha. He said”Balatkar ke badle Balatkar” as a revenge for Kashmiri Pandit exodus. He is openly supporting rape of Kashmiri women, such kind of filthy officers are protected under draconian Law like AFSPA. From false noses to real influence campaigns, the mechanics of the “Indian Chronicles” allow manipulated information to interfere with the real ones.

The Godi Media exposed to be the biggest liar of this world. ANI turned out to be a key performer in bringing false news to the world. Now it’s when it loses its credibility. Thank you
@DisinfoEU, we always knew about Indian lies but you debunked it. The Official DGISPR Asif Ghafoor shared this network in a presser. Now DisinfoEU has made it public with more evidences. What else is needed to prove this?

Report by DisinfoEU on Indian Leaks has proved Pakistani dossier to UN that how India is waging propaganda war against Pakistan.

-Indian Leaks report by DisinfoEU:

  • Since 2005
  • 750 Fake Media Outlets
  • 550 domains
  • 10 UN/EU NGOs
  • 116 Countries
  • Fake Journalist/Identites
  • Hussain Haqqani & SAATH forum linked w/ EFSAS
  • Campaigns for PTM, Baloch Separatists, Anti CPEC International Coverage



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