Uber Complaint Number Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar

Uber Complaint Number Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar

Following are the Uber Complaint Number Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar and other cities of Pakistan. Helpline numbers are also available. You can reach out anytime and the customer service is often very good, prompt and responsive. The number is within your app. Just open Uber App, and then call support from there. Its as easy as that.

Uber support in Pakistan is good, very good. They are also always available on Twitter with handle of @uber_support and also on facebook and whatsapp. Hi Aamnah, sorry to hear about this. Please send us a DM with the mobile number linked to your account and the trip details so that we can assist ASAP. Hello Uber, this is not happening for the first time but every time we book a ride, these drivers ask unnecessary questions where to go and how much fare and all that. You guys really need to improve your services and need to train your drivers as well.

You could have hidden his identity and reported the situation when you say it happens with many drivers, there is no need to jeopardize working class person’s job because of petty issues. Don’t be India’s Karen/Susan. This doesn’t take away the fact that some of these drivers want easy money and are usually rude and impolite and intrusive to an extent. Uber is at fault? Yes. But so are these drivers who’d ask you to cancel your trip if its an online payment or a long journey etc.

I booked Uber 5 times from last Friday to Sunday and every time Driver asked “Jana Kahan hai”. Four of them further asked me that “will you pay cash”. Uber should control this as it’s irritating. Moreover, we would like to assure you that we are trying our best to eliminate difficulties riders have to face, and we are fully aware of them. Your feedback always helps us to improve the services for the riders. Hope your future experience with Uber would be pleasant.

This happens all the time and is incredibly frustrating but I still think snitching on low income people who might lose their source of income during a pandemic is kind of a shitty thing to do. This nation so-called ppl knows only one rule: As long as you give them Danda, they follow rules. If you stop then same low income group don’t give a shit about how terrible they deal customers which is against even company policy.

My driver said meri gari khrb h ap cancel krdo. He neither cancelled or provided a reason for accepting ride in first place. Hi there, please send us a DM with the mobile number linked to your account and the trip details so that we can assist ASAP. same thing happened to me.first they keep asking ‘where u want to go’ ‘how to go’ ‘will u pay in cash’ then they cancelled the trip. Uber customer care unreachable. Worst part is when I tried to book new ride..it show ‘ur previous payment due’ even I paid that.

What a nightmare for drivers also. No sensitivity to their feelings or requirements, they are expected to act like servants. Is this attitude mostly a South Asian phenomenon or universal?



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9 Comments on "Uber Complaint Number Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar"

  1. my last ride wit asad sb..siwa mini car –1963 from wapda town to albro pharma
    my total fares as 278/- but he return me 100rs. out of 500rs…. i say kindly add rest of amount in my wallet but still no added…while balance 222r. kindly check it

  2. Raja omer noor Zaman | August 27, 2021 at 3:57 pm | Reply

    Ihave paid cash in my last trip and uber also deducted my wallet .what the hell is this?

  3. Complaint kerni ha driver ki

  4. My last trip with Muhammad azib ….me usko shoper deya ky dropup location pr drop kr dy…..aur wo le kr khud Chala gya ….ajeeb drivers hain

  5. Muhammad Suleman | March 10, 2022 at 8:30 am | Reply

    Here in Lahore Pakistan, Uber drivers have hacked the software of Uber. There make their own bills at the end of their journey. They mark and grade their own service as excellent. They use other cars than registered, drivers are different than mentioned in Uber application. Today I travelled from my house in Phase 2 DHA, the driver was different than mentioned. Initially on my booking, I was told the bill would be between Rs 235-270 whereas on reaching my destination, my mobile was jammed, he generated a bill of Rs 660 on his mobile, after lot of discussions he accepted 300 whereas this was also not correct. Regards.

  6. Yesterday, i have drived from luxury grand Hotel to islamia Park poonch Road, lahore. Driver mr awais, white suzuki mehran no. 4970 asked me to where u wants to go after knowing our drop-off location a message received that silver mehran no. 5734 came our location I.e. luxus grand Hotel nr abt 10 o’ clock and picked us but on the way I continuously on map ad Mr await showing that he is on the way to pick us from given location but we are in silver mehran 5734 when 5734 dropp us in given dropp off location our destination he force us to pay 996 bcos off surge pricing is 770 and 225 is our fare he harrased us and I hv to pay 1000 after long arguments I already told him that our fare is showing only 225 y u force us to pay 996 but he continuously force us to pay 996 he asked us to take pic from my mobile u have taken pic and pay him 1000 rupees
    When I rchd home Mr awais call me that he is waiting at luxus grand Hotel bcos he meet now our location I tell him that u send me silver suzuki mehran no. 5734 but he refuse that he was not saending any mehran number.
    After it he continuously called and transferred to leh-07-2197 silver cultus driver name Mr. Muhammad javed, he also called me and forced to me that I cancelled this drive after same above conversation he transferred to Mr. Shahid lwg 3898 light blue suzuki, Mr shahid also called me and after saying him that already three drivers transferred this drive to an other Mr shahid cancelled the drive
    In the end I want to ask u kindly refund us our 1000 rupees instwad 225 rupees which I have paid

  7. My complain hai kal Uber car book ki thi lekin driver nahi Aya wahi gumta Raha aur Chala gaya aur khe Raha tha ride cancel kardo aur pese be zada Bata Raha tha is Mai Jo arhy thy us se be zada aur call be nahi utha Raha.1 ganta is ne ye darama Kya Car hai Suzuki Mehran no hai Aud: 937 driver ka Naam hai Raiz. kal bhot time zaya Kya is ne AP action Le plz

  8. Mera car ka 50rs tool lgta tha ab 150rs lgta hy jab k tool ki kimat 50rs hy or motersaickl ka to koi tool bhi nhi hota ows ka bhi 50rs tool lag jata hy mujhy uber se yehi shikayat hy mera ye masla theek kr do bray mehr bani

  9. Uber services have been closed in Pakistan. What about payment present in Uber Wallet? How can we get that payment back?

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