Dear customer Bank al Habib is pleased to offer its services

Dear customer bank al habib is pleased to offer its services for depositing your prize bond of Rs. 25 000/- in your account. For more information call 111-014-014 or visit your nearest branch. Have you received this letter or message or email? If yes then you are not alone.

Bank al Habib 25000 prize bond is very popular among the Pakistanis as the chances of winning the prize are quite high. 8810 which bank code is also the question to be asked. HBL Islamic banking has fully endorsed the bank al habib prize bond scheme. I called the bank al habib helpline number Karachi Lahore and Islamabad and they also confirmed the same thing and I must say that they were very helpful and professional in their dealings.

This is not my just first interaction with Bank al Habib. I was their customer early on too when I needed a bank al habib loan for my wedding. Yes, I took a loan for it as I wanted to please my family especially my mother who always wanted a grand wedding just to show off the relatives and other people in the tribe. Well, everyone forgot about it after it happened but I still paid the loan for a long time.

PTI Govt signs $19b worth of loan deals in two years |Last year alone contracted $10.5 billion worth of foreign loans to meet the country’s external financing needs, which were up by one-fourth or $2.1 billion over the previous year. This is so wrong for the economy and prize bond market in Pakistan as it would only harness the inflation and it would be hard to control the expenses and falling value of rupee.

Experience hassle-free banking with the new AL Habib Mobile app designed to make your digital banking experience more convenient. Manage your finances quickly and securely with a host of new features that provide you with an enhanced user experience. AL Habib Mahana Munafa Account let’s you earn high profits when you keep your savings for a fixed term. Bank AL Habib Current Plus Account meets all your business-related and individual needs for convenient and secure banking.

This is what modern banking looks like in Pakistan. Prize bond ban in Pakistan is not the answer.


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