Pakistani Hot Movies on Netflix 2021 and More

Pakistani hot movies on Netflix 2021 and more are available to watch for free under the trial version. The story line is good and the cast is also of good quality. As with the case of all other productions of Netflix these movies are of very high quality and you can stream them whenever you want. Music and the direction is good too, though it can be improved at times but there is room for improvement all the time in everything we do.

Humayun Saeed said Netflix and Amazon consider Pakistan as part of India due to the same region and language similarities which leads to less recognition for the country by these international OTT Platforms. They look an commercial content in Pakistan and it’s all other irrelevant items. Independent content in Pakistan usually gets batted down by regulatory authorities. They don’t know the amount of talent that’s just suppressed with these borders.

This is the era of digitalization, we urge Amazon and Netflix to come in Pakistan, authorities should take up the matter, we cannot compete with the world without taking the right decisions. Brand new storylines and unapologetic lifestyles to capture in Pakistan. The lives of # obsessed with gold Pakistanis. No sarcasm intended, its a market that Fendi and Gucci has captured (unknowingly though) & has big media potential.

Netflix is rumoured to have invested INR 3000 crore to promote good content in India to earn money from Pakistan, Turkey and anti-nationals from India. And such rumors are rife everywhere though there is little substance in them as Netflix is just a company, an entertainment company which is a blessing for the people in these times and we are proud of it in every sense. Duals are now becoming the next big things. This is what people want, simply entertainment.

Why Turkish dramas being aired in Pakistan and why those Turkish actors and actresses are more popular in Pakistan then they are in Turkey? The reason is that its all politics and government of Pakistan is promoting them to promote PTI. That is why Netflix and such entertainment companies like Stan in Pakistan, or Sony in Pakistan are not airing their quality content and we are so left behind.

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