Hareem Shah Video Collection of Sheikh Rasheed

Hareem Shah video collection of Sheikh Rasheed is available for download from her. Why Hareem Shah is uploading videos of Sheikh Rasheed? They may have known each other in the past and there is nothing wrong with it but even if there is a fallout between them, why Hareem is gone so against him that she is defaming him openly on the social media?

Hareem Shah is no saint, we all know that but so is our new interior minister. But at the end of day, its their personal matter and publish has no right to see their intimate moments or whatever that is. Bedroom videos of Sheikh Rasheed are circulating on WhatsApp groups and also on other social media sites to download. Hareem Shah is promising for more and has been uploading photos and screenshots on daily basis now.

She seems to be enjoying this and says that’s she will teach Sheikh Rasheed a lesson and she is providing hot content to people to enjoy in this cold weather. In few of photos shared by Hareem Shah we can see Sheikh Rasheed lying on the bed playing with his mobile phone, while a girl is sitting on the bed or in another photo on the chair. Nothing wrong with it, but Hareem alluding to much more there.

Hareem Shah says that she is a social media star, actor, traveller, blogger, youtuber, brand ambassador and a proud PTI supporters. She also says that she is fan of Imran Khan and has photos to prove it. She has also been seen with many other PTI leaders over the course of last few years. PTI supporters are urging her to stay silent and if she has some grievances and complaints then she should resolve it internally.

Well the scene is on as the Hareem Shah video collection of Sheikh Rasheed is available for download at many sites.

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