What is Naya Pakistan Certificate and Profit Rates

what is naya pakistan certificate profit rates

Find out what is Naya Pakistan Certificate and Profit Rates from Meezan Bank and various other banks in Pakistan. Naya Pakistan Certificate (NPC) is the latest and greatest initiative from this people friendly government of Pakistan which is available from HBL, Bank Alfalah, and many other financial institutions.

Naya Pakistan Certificate are issued by Government of Pakistan, for Foreign Currency Value Account holder (FCVA) and Pakistani Rupee Value account holder (NRVA), to invest in high interest yielding certificates. In other words, NPCs are sovereign investment certificates issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for Foreign Currency Value Account holders (FCVA) and Pakistani Rupee Value Account holders (NRVA).

Following are the profit rates of NPC:

NPC Profit rates latest


There are few conditions for NPC for minimum investment.

US Dollar Denominated Certificates:
Min USD 5,000 with multiples of USD 1,000 thereon
PKR Denominated Certificates:
Min PKR 100,000 with multiples of PKR 10,000 thereon

The short-term certificates of 3-Month, 6-Month and 12-Month tenors shall be zero-coupon securities on which principal and profit shall be paid either on maturity or on premature encashment. Whereas, the long-term certificates of 3-Year and 5-year tenors shall be coupon bearing securities with periodic profit payment on half-yearly intervals or as determined by SBP. In case of Premature Encashment, rate of return payable shall be equivalent to rate of return of the nearest completed tenor. In case of encashment within 3-months of investment, no return shall be paid thereof. Meezan bank is also offering Islamic Naya Pakistan certificates.


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