Who Were Girls Who Fell from Hotel in Bahria Town Islamabad

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Mysteriously it happened and now everyone is wondering as who were girls who fell from hotel in Bahria Town Islamabad and still there are no clear answers. Police is investigating as two girls, both sisters fell from the balcony of the hotel room. Nightlife in Bahria town is well and alive it seems but with a tinge of tragedy this time.

Two girls fell from a hotel room in Lohi Bhair area on the outskirts of Islamabad, killing one girl and seriously injuring another. Islamabad Police has said that two boys tried to flee from the hotel room, a boy was also injured by the firing of the security guard, both the girls are real sisters and residents of Gujarat, further legal action is being taken in this regard.

Two girls fell from the floor of a hotel in Lohi Bheer area of ​​the police station. According to a police spokesman, the incident took place in a hotel room in a private housing society. Police were informed in the morning that two girls had fallen down from the room. According to the police spokesperson, one girl was killed on the spot while the other was injured. The two girls are real sisters and residents of Gujarat. Two boys in a hotel room tried to escape. Injured, police arrested the two boys, identified as Abdullah and Abdul Rehman.

According to police, the body of the deceased girl has been sent for autopsy and further legal action is being taken. To put it bluntly, the path to obscenity ends in horror often, espeically in a country like Pakistan. This is why we must ensure that media highlights our values and social ethos. We cannot simply mimic Western culture without implementing their strict law and order and their social values. This will always end in tears.

During a night party at a hotel in Bahria Town, the girls were first handcuffed for disobeying orders and then they were picked up and thrown naked outside the hotel window. A 25-year-old woman died at the same time. PIMS Hospital in Abad is in a life and death struggle. So you don’t know that the crime media of the navy is not reported even in the police station. Has become the world’s zero crime rate area.

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