Lahore By Metro Book Download

Lahore By Metro Book Download

A Lahore based youngster travelled on metro bus daily for four years every day. He interacted with people, the metro staff, and people living and working along the track. He compiled their talks, stories, and other things and also took photos. He converted all of it in the form of book. Lahore by Metro book download is available online in pdf and also you can buy it from bookstores.

So where can I buy Lahore by Metro Book? Well from Urdu Bazar Lahore from any good book store. The writer says that this book is for the people who are not really aware of Lahore and its culture. This is for the people within and outside Pakistan who are interested in how the people of Lahore live, work, and play. This is for the people who want to understand the vibe of Lahore in a pictorial form.

He says that the idea came to him when he saw only negative reporting in the newspapers and the TV channels about the Lahore and its citizens despite of the fact that it’s the cultrual hub of Pakistan in every sense. He said that it pained him a lot to see that people were not really getting the true soul of Lahore as they struggled through the life. Young-hearted people of Lahore are a treat to learn about.

Faizan Ahmed is the author of Lahore By Metro. He said that when he came to Lahore from his village, he started going to University via Metro. Before metro it was a daily struggle to go to university, but with the advent of metro it was an enjoyable experience. He said that he decided to utilize his time on metro in a constructive way and that’s why he started talking with people on the way. People also enjoyed talking with him.

He said that he met with people on metro from every place of Pakistan and got to know about their culture, food, issues, problems, and aspirations. He also learned a lot about different areas of Lahore and their subtle differences. He says that Lahore Metro is like a diversity of people and a potpourri of different culture. It’s a melting pot of Pakistan and infusion of various cultures. This book is all about common people.

It’s a must read.

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