Who is Kashif Zameer and What He Did to Ertugrul

Who is Kashif Zameer and What He Did to Ertugrul

Who is Kashif Zameer and what he did to Ertugrul story is finally out now as Kashif Zameer has been apprehended by the authorities. People close to Kashif say that it was always on the cards as the character was fishy and dubious. Kashif Zameer has siphoned off Ertugrul with half a million dollar injection.

To receive Engin Altan Düzyatan, did they not have a PROPER man? This Kashif Zameer with his idiotic necklace and stinky reputation was the only one they found to receive a celebrity? Kashif zameer the man who invited engin altan in Flag of Pakistan is not a criminal,some news channels & pages are doing propaganda on him. The man who hosted Dirilis Ertugrul star Engin Altan Düzyatan during his Lahore visit is allegedly facing at least eight cases, including those of fraud and robberies, and has not even paid the promised amount to the actor.

“News has just come from Pakistan that Kashif Zameer is a fraud.” Ertughrul is preparing to take action. There are already eight cases against him. I am poor not like mian Kashif zameer which I meet you but inshallah I will come Turkey by road and meet you because I love you extremely and I don’t explain in words. Kashif Zameer backs out of deal, pays half money to Ertugrul star.

The record-breaking accused who brought Turkish actor Angin Altan to Pakistan turned out to be actor Nosrabaz’s conspiracy unaware, 8 cases registered against Kashif Zameer, host of Angin Altan. Luckily for Engin, there were no shortage of offers or Pakistan fans. He happened to meet the pimped up heir of a business owner and Tik Toker in Turkey. “Come to Lahore. Meet a lion. Meet the chief minister. Become my brand ambassador. Be my bestie.”

Mian Kashif Zameer is the son of a sessions judge, running his father’s company Chaudhry Group of Companies. If that wasn’t enough of a red flag, he wears four kilos of gold. And has a pet lion. What other fraudulent Pakistani business will reach out next to Engin Altan? Fool me once, fool me twice. And the point of your this thread is? It seems it is not to just expose and hod Kashif Zameer accountable (which is correct), but more to repeatedly project Pakistanis and Pakistan as a place no one should ever befriend or visit! What the F is wrong with you journos.

Application of Fraud is received to the Punjab Police against tik tok star “Kashif Zameer” by Turkish actor #EnginAltanDuezyatan . During more investigation Police recovered more cases of fraudulent against Kashif Zameer. Is it true? I can’t believe u came to see only Noyyan (kashif zameer)in pakistan. Has #EnginAltan been conned again? If yes, then it’s another shameful act by Pakistanis after Yousaf Raza Gillani gifting pear necklace to his wife which was Turkey’s First Lady to the flood victims. Turkish people should act sensibly and engage with professional firms.


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