Fakeero Pakistani Sculptor from Tando Allahyar

Fakeero Pakistani Sculptor from Tando Allahyar

Pakistani sculptors are a rare breed as there is not much support or encouragement in the country due to some religious and social taboos. I had the opportunity to meet Fakeero, a self-taught sculptor from Tando Allahyar. Fakeero began making sculptures in mandirs, then in churches & is now being commissioned for projects across the country & internationally. He received the Pride of Performance Award this year.

Fakeero Khemoom is a Pakistani Hindu who has always been fond of sculptures. His family is famous in interior Sindh. Fakeero has crafted sculptures of people like Benazir Bhutto, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Ernesto Che Guevara, Abraham Lincoln, Guru Nanak, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Abdul Sattar Edhi, and his work is still going on as he creates more and more.

Fakeero is a gifted artiest. His work is awesome. His work is really appreciated unfortunately the artists are not given their due honor and respect in the society. I swear if I could be a sculptor, I’d be scared by them. They look so real especially the eyes. perfect !! the lady with sharp features, beautiful pendants and with half smile. That John Fitzgerald Kennedy sculpture is great too.

Below is some of his great work:

Government must ask him to teach other young people in this field.

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  1. His work has life in them. Beautiful!!

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