Interest Free Loans Training for Deported Overseas Pakistanis

Interest Free Loans Training for Deported Overseas Pakistanis

FIA with the help of two NGOs is going to provide interest free loans training for deported overseas Pakistanis and this process will start right from the airports of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar as soon as these deported hapless Pakistanis will land there from different countries.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has entered into agreements with two NGOs in the country to provide interest-free loans to deported Pakistanis and provide them with employment training. According to senior FIA officials in Islamabad, under the agreement, the private charity Akhot Foundation will provide facilities to deportees and provide them not only interest-free loans but also practical employment. Training facilities will be provided.

According to FIA Additional Director Imran Yaqub, 69,000 people were deported from different parts of the world in 2019, with the largest number arriving at Karachi Airport at 29,228. According to the data, more than 14,000 deported Pakistanis had also arrived at Lahore and Islamabad airports.
Imran Yaqub said that sometimes deported people arrive at Pakistan’s airports in a state of disarray and need new clothes, food and soap.

In the first phase of the agreement, the deportees will be given a bag at the airport which will have clothes and shoes suitable for the weather while soap, toothpaste etc. will also be provided to them there. In the second phase of the agreement, these people will be provided with psychological and economic rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation centers. This services will be extended to other airports too.

In this regard, the Foundation will address the issues of deportees by contacting them. Under the agreement, training of FIA employees will also be conducted. The second agreement was reached between the FIA ​​and the Allahwala Trust, under which the deportees will be provided food items at the airport. In this regard, the FIA ​​Trust will be allowed to keep refrigerators and ovens at the airport and volunteers will also be given access.

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