Anoushay Abbasi Hot Photos and Videos

Anoushay Abbasi Hot Photos and Videos

Anoushay Abbasi is probably the most flat faced and expressionless actress in Pakistan but she is quite charming and cute in her own way. Anoushay Abbasi hot photos and videos are being downloaded and shared on whatsapp as her role in various dramas are getting hit.

Acting, limelight, star following, and fame is not new for the hot and beautiful Anoushay Abbasi. She has seen it all and more in her family as her immediate family is also in the same business for a long time. She herself is not new and has been acting here and there for the last fifteen years or so. Her father Zubair Abbasi was a famous fiction writer, while her brother Shamoon Abbasi and sister Javeria Abbasi are quite famous in theri own sense.

My favorite dramas of Anoushay are ‘Pyaray Afzal’, ‘Nanhi’, and ‘Khushboo ka Ghar’. At times her acting seems flat but then she makes it up with her facial movements though her expressionless face often lets her down but then she makes it up through her cuteness. She is also a clean freak and loves her car. She also says that she doesn’t like the dominating persons and is quite free in her own and don’t want to be a doormat.

Hot Anoushay Abbasi now wants to act in Pakistani film industry. She also wants to work in Bollywood but that’s a far away dream. She says that she wants to work in Pakistan as there are good movies which are being launched and there are quite a few talented producers and directors out there. She says that she did Actor in Law which is quite nice experience as she learned a lot and want to carry it on.

Anoushay Abbasi scandal about pregnancy and her going to England for delivery was also in media but she has denied it and said that she only went to English for five months to visit her sister and when she returned she learned about this stupid rumor. Anyway, she is now only focussing on web series by Anjum Shehzad and also awaiting the response for his new drama Raqs e Bismil and she is quite excited about it.

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