Interview with Tweep عمران شاہین @imshee67

Interview with Tweep عمران شاہین @imshee67

Please introduce yourself in 1 or 2 lines?

My name is Imran Shaheen, My twitter handle is @imshee67. I am a pro democtic, law abiding & civil liberty lover.

What do you usually wear in daily life?

I feel comfortable in trouser and shirt.

What is one thing you cannot do without?

Most important thing for anyone is one’s family and the same is the case with me.

Your favourite tweeps?

There are so many tweeps who are my favourite, some of them are Hijazi, Jaffer, Razi Dada, Mishwani, Raja Kabeer, Mansoor, Nadya Athar, Humaira Ajmal, Sheena Blunt etc etc.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Only Twitter

What are your healthy habits?

Healthy habits… I think not many, just one you can say, like love to eat Desi traditional food.

Your all time favourite movie?

I like world war movies, all time favourite is, “Where Eagles Dare”

What do you do in your spare time?

In spare time I like to read books or articles.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

My favourite Holiday destination in Pakistan is Gilgit and abroad is Candy in Sri Lanka.

What’s the last thing you bought?

Last thing I bought was a suit for my daughter.

Your message for readers of

My message for the readers of Pknama is that owing to the change in our lifestyle and introduction of the Vlogues, our habit of reading newspapers e papers & e articles has just finished. We must encourage all those who are endeavouring hard to keep the old tradition live by providing reading material to public. So we must appreciate them by reading and visiting such informative sites like Pknama.

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