Zaheeruddin Shoroo Video of Sajawal with Girl in Bank

خواتین اور پاکستانی درندے

The Zaheeruddin Shoroo video of Sajawal with girl in bank in Sindh has put Internet on fire in Pakistan as he harasses the girl in hidden camera. The hapless girl is sitting on the sofa trying to save herself from this beast but beast of national bank is not shying away.

This is 2014 video on the basis of which a case was registered and in 2020 the case was dismissed by the Additional Sessions Judge Sujawal. A condemnable act. But both are not sacred cows. Their only job is to blackmail the marginalized segment of the society in the name of interest (borrowed money). They destroyed many families by intimidating them. But the fact remains that justice has still not being done.

IBA Shekhar’s injustice Will not be able to apply for Inter Third Class even though his degree is BA OR MA OR Bed. How is this justice? I mean is the law is only for the poor and hapless men and women of interior Sindh or would somebody take action against the powerful and rich too? This country and its justice system has become a joke because not one really cares about the poor and hapless.

Nusrat Sehar Abbassi has also tweeted about it and have asked people to share the video. Now that is laughable because she is the member of parliament and she should be raising it on the assembly platform and should be pursuing it with the SSP Sajawal. Police must explain their investigation and progress on this matter to her and she should be answering to the people and reaching out to this poor lady.

This is extremely concerning that instead consoling the public, the member of parliament is asking public to take up this matter.


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