Sunsilk Ad Controversy and Shehla Raza Vs Sohai Ali Abro

Sunsilk Ad Controversy and Shehla Raza Vs Sohai Ali Abro

The Sunsilk ad controversy and Shehla Raza Vs Sohai Ali Abro spat has actually exposed the rift within Pakistani society. It’s not just about a shampoo commercial, rather its much more than that which has prompted the debate on social media from so many angles.

On Twitter, Shehla Raza wrote, “The shampoo advertisement urges women to stay away from politics and take care of their hair, saying it is not the job of women to be a part of national politics.” It is the duty of every citizen to condemn that the work of the laborer is the work of the laborer, the study is the work of the student. Politics is reserved for the elite.

Pakistani actress Sohai Ali Abro, who plays the lead role in the ad, is seen campaigning, urging people to vote, in response to which male actors appearing alongside her to pay more attention to her hair than politics. Can anyone less than a millionaire contest elections in Pakistan? It is a big thing for an ordinary citizen to make a living and who doesn’t know that today’s dirty politicians have also made politics dirty. First they abused each other’s mothers and sisters. Give and then eat at a table in the lure of power.

Unfortunately, under a well-conceived conspiracy, politics in this country is portrayed as abusive, even though the nations that are not interested in politics are left behind in every way. In fact, those who insult politics are dictators who are deceiving the country and the nation for personal gain. This is actually quite correct observation as politics is not as bad as it’s portrayed in Pakistani media.

At the end of the advertisement, the actress says that she will also handle the hair and shine with dignity. Some are saying that it’s just a fleeting ad and should be taken lightly as the sole purpose is mere marketing and Sunsilk has managed to obtain that quite successfully through this controversy and there name and product is being discussed on social media and in the drawing rooms and now everyone wants to watch the ad.


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