Hajj 2021 Digital Cards for Pakistanis

Hajj 2021 Digital Cards for Pakistanis

Hajj 2021 Digital Cards for Pakistanis and packages are already being announced by the government as the next hajj season looms. Due to the availability of Covid vaccine and the controlled measures of Saudi Arabian government, the coming 2021 hajj will be one of the biggest as word recovers from Coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has finally approved the Digital Cards project to provide organized services to the pilgrims in the upcoming Hajj. All information about Hajj pilgrims will be available through digital cards. Digital cards will operate under the NFC system, which can be scanned to retrieve all information. Digital cards will be issued to all pilgrims in the upcoming Hajj season 1442 AH. Experimentally, digital cards were issued to only 50,000 pilgrims in Hajj 1440 AH.

Hajj 2021 packages for Pakistanis are also being announced as more and more people are planning to perform Hajj and Umra this year of 2021. People are asking if they can convert their Hajj and Umra package of this year to 2021 and how that will work. Would they have to buy tickets and permits again? What about the Umra flights in 2021 from Pakistan from cities like Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Sialkot, Multan, Islamabad?

The purpose of the experimental phase was to test the usefulness of digital cards. After successful testing of the cards, it will be fully released in the next Hajj.
Regarding the proposed digital cards, the ministry said that the newly developed cards will be able to get complete information about Hajj pilgrims through ‘barcodes’, including accommodation of pilgrims, arrival and departure program, poetry recitals. Information about their place of residence, Hajj permit, etc. can be obtained by scanning the card.

The digital cards will also make it easy to find out about the pilgrims’ tents in the holy shrines with the help of automatic machines. The new digital cards will also make it easier to find out about illegal pilgrims. The new cards will be issued only to those who perform Hajj legally.


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