Actor Farhan Ali Agha Joins PTI

Farhan Ali Agha Joins PTI

Still a heartthrob and once of the decent Pakistani male performers, the actor Farhan Ali Agha joins PTI officially according to his own statement. Farhan Ali Agha has got a charming and sincere personality and he knows how to speak.

“I am joining the PTI under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan,” he revealed in a press conference yesterday. Farhan Ali Agha has always been a PTI supporter and has been seen during their public gathering before elections among other people of showbiz but he never actually became this active. Other actors and actresses also visit Bani Gala regularly but Farhan was never seen there.

Here is his full statement issued to the press:

“Pakistan is going through a difficult time right now. My country, your country. We were born here. Fame, name, respect, we got it all from here. I’ve joined this cause because Pakistan needs honest and trustworthy people to come forth so that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s dream can be completed. A country where common people can get justice.”

Farhan Ali Agha belongs to a family of soldiers as his father was also a career army man. Farhan himself always wanted to join army but thne luck pushed him towards a different career and he became a successful performer in Pakistani showbiz. Now Farhan says that the next best thing for him was to join PTI and service the country in this present government. It is being said that he might be given some important position related to culture.

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