Toilet’s Lotas Had Acid in Marriage Hall Vehari

Toilet's Lotas Had Acid in Marriage Hall Vehari

Marriage Hall Vehari was illuminating with lights and the reception was full on amidst blaring music and fragrance of different meals. Guests were coming in groups attired in their colorful and new shiny dresses in different cars. Boys were eying girls and girls were being coy.

When everyone arrived, the rituals of wedding started in with their usual zest. After everything was done, bride and groom tied the knot food was opened and everyone attacked the food like a hungry pack of wolves. They started devouring food like there was no tomorrow. Mothers forgot their kids and kids were all over the place wasting food, hurling it everywhere. People were washing down biryani with coke in huge quantities.

When the mayhem finished, some guests naturally wanted to visit toilets to answer the nature’s call. That is when they received the shock of of their lives. Both women and men who went into toilets came out screaming with anguish as their lower parts burned. Some even forgot to wear their shalwars. Then people outside noticed the burn marks on their legs and in between. It turned out that some miscreants had mixed acid in the lotas of toilets.

Now police is investigating as how it happened who did it. Some are saying that it might be some angry lover or some jealous relative. It could simply be some naughty group of boys or it could be some business rival of that marriage hall. These days CCTV cameras are everywhere including towns like Vehari and a marriage hall is a public venue. Police should check that one and in case its not available they must fine the owner of marriage hall.

It’s about time that installation of CCTV cameras in public venues must be made compulsory.


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