Who is Reema Omer and Fight with Hasan Nisar

Who is Reema Omer and Fight with Hasan Nisar

After watching the report card everyone is wondering who is Reema Omer and fight with Hasan Nisar context and reasons. The reason why this is so hot because Hasan Nisar is an aggressive bully and hardly anyone wants to lock horns with him.

The very name Reema evokes some cool and glamorous feelings among Pakistanis especially those who have past their 20s. This name Reema was once a household name because Reema was the top and perhaps only presentable actress of Pakistani silver screen for a long long time. Reema’s hot scenes, photos, videos, dances, and acting has now become a thing of past though she has been trying hard to come back. She even changed her name to Reema Khan but in vain. But I digress.

This Reema Omer has nothing to do with that good old Reema Khan. Reema Omer is a legal advisor, South Asia of International Commission of Jurists and she divides her time between Oxford and Lahore. Due to her crisp and eloquent speaking skills she has become a sought after guest in Pakistani talk shows which thrive on fights and controversies. Hasan Nisar always provides them that chance and Reema also became part of it last night during Report Card talk show.

Following is Reema’s response on what happened, “Really appreciate the generous feedback for today’s report card. Please do watch the complete segment for arguments on both sides – the edited clip shared on SM is misleading and doesn’t do justice to the debate or the manner in which it was conducted”. Hasan Nisar is as usual has brushed it past because it’s a common and matter of routine for him. That basically tells you a lot about both parties.

Despite the grim situation, it shows there are now enough progressive people willing to speak out against misogynist uncles on TV. Hassan Nisar is that angry old man who has still not come to terms with wearing adult diapers. The thing is that if he hates politicians so much he should not be on a political talk show. Hassan Nisar never has anything to contribute to a debate, apart from: “Yeh sab bakwas hai.” Shouting doesn’t give weight to an opinion. He adds misogyny to his toxic mix of empty and bitter rhetoric, targeting who does use logic and facts for her arguments.

Reema is a star, won’t be intimidated by thugs. How many Hassan Nisar’s have we had to deal with in our families, workplaces, educational institutions? When will we stop having to be subject to such bullies? Reema Omer handled him beautifully, but when will such men’s’ time be up? We shouldn’t be subject to this anymore. It’s obvious reema omer has a lot more patience and civility in the face of obnoxiousness than I do.

Now here is a funny sound bite from the talk show:

Hassan Nisar: (Shouting) Mein dora houn, iss leeay ooncha bolta houn.
Reema Omer: (Calmly) Laiken mein nahi houn.

‘Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder,’ — Rumi



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