Interview with Tweep Sabah Malik @sabahbanomalik

Please introduce yourself?

I am Sabah Bano Malik a journalist, radio show host, comedian, and relentless resident of Twitter.

What do you usually wear in daily life?

In my daily life, I am almost always outfitted in some sort of sweats or “elevated” lounge-wear, of course, this is weather permitting since I live in Pakistan so only a few months a year can I get away with this. In the hotter months, I am always in lawn kameezes with wide-leg trousers (shalwars are stifling) or some form of banyan/shorts combo (in my home lol).

Your favourite tweeps?

There are SO many favourite tweeps but off the top of my head, there is Mehar Kurshid (@Curlistani), Arhum Latif (@Arhuml92), Shmyla Khan (@Shmyla), @NotDigink, @ItsOkayBis of Bismah’s Bake Shop and @ItsBurtMackliinFbi who is Areesha of Areesha’s Embroidery.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Facebook is a useful tool in Pakistan but I check it twice a month at most, I literally pay rent with my sanity on Twitter I love and hate it so much, and Instagram can be fun and a connector of dosts – curate what you follow and it’s less of a cesspool.

What are your healthy habits?

My healthy habits are journaling, laughing, and skincare, I am trying to make physical movement more of a common occurrence as well as time limits on phone usage.

Your all time favourite movie?

Hands down the all-time favourite movie is Wall-E, Big Hero 6 is a close second for when I need to sob.

What do you do in your spare time?

Paint, read, binge YouTube videos of interior design and architecture focussed channels, write, eat, and try to think of more to do.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I would love to go back to Vietnam as well as Hunza, for different reasons – beach good, mountains good, escape great.

What’s the last thing you bought?

I bought a skateboard art piece by artist Shahnawaz Arif. I have spent a lot of my quarantine discovering and being introduced to artists around Pakistan particularly younger and emerging, spending money on art has become a real joy for me.

Your message for readers of PKnama ?

It really might not be okay, so try to have fun.


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