Babita Meghar of Mithi Found Dead

Strange Incident in Achhro Thar area of Sanghar

The bodies of a married man and a girl were found hanging in a house in Mithi town on Thursday. The bodies of one Doongar Meghwar 39 and a girl identified as Babita Meghar were found hanging in the fan in a house in Fakkeer locality of the Mithi town.

The area police on the information reached the spot and brought the bodies for the medical examination in Civil Hospital Mithi. Doongar Mehwar and the girl also have also left two separate chits with the notes about their suicides. They stated that they were taking the extreme steps after they got sick of the society. The residents of the locality told media persons that Doongar was working as cook at the residence of a police assistant sub-inspector Gul Mohammad Sand where their bodies were found hanging. Doongar was the father of four kids and was married to the elder sister of Babita.

Sajna Megjhwar, the mother of Babita talking to the journalists claimed that her daughter was kidnapped and then was killed by some suspects along with her son-in-law. She demanded the early arrest of Mr Sand and a thorough police police in the ‘double murder’ case.

No FIR of the incident was lodged with area police when this story was filed. Here it is pertinent to note that according to the official record obtained from the SSP office in Mithi as many as 69 women and 48 males committed suicides in various areas of Tharparkar district in 2020 due to various reasons.

In three incidents men and women jointly committed suicides after they were not allowed by their parents to contract free will marriages.

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