Who is Silent Girl Bawa Ji Sialkot Video Girl?

Who is Silent Girl Bawa Ji Sialkot Video Girl

So who is silent girl bawa ji Sialkot video girl? The video has gone viral and leaked multiple times on the social media. Silent girl is still silent as how exactly done it or her response on the video but silent girl video on WhatsApp is being downloaded by everyone it seems.

Silent girl leaked video issue aside, the actual Bawa G Bagriyan and Bawa G Lahore and Bawa G Sialkot is quite funny in a strange and weird sense. It has gone viral for a reason. Its not about the content of video and its not about any intellectual thing. It’s also not that the girl is hot or if she speaks in a great way. The thing is that it’s a totally ‘Paindoo Production.’ I am sorry if some one got offended by the word Paindoo but that’s what it is.

Now isn’t the above video funny really?

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