Who is Sultan Nazir in Karachi and What Happened

Who is Sultan Nazir in Karachi and What Happened

The whole real story of Sultan Nazir of Hunza and how he was gunned down in Karachi is here with facts and the actual happenings. Sometimes you don’t get to see the picture from both sides and its dangerous to form an opinion without knowing the story from all angles.

Another working class student, Sultan Nazir from Hunza, gunned down by police while on his way home on a bike in Karachi. GB students had to stage a protest at the station to force the police to register an FIR. No end in sight for police & state brutality. Are we raising our kids to be fodder for police? Our memories are full of fake encounters and cases of police brutality. But how many policemen have been convicted so far?

Sultan Nazir from Hunza Gilgit-Baltistan, who was staying in Karachi for education and employment, was shot dead by police firing near Habib Bank Chowrangi in Karachi last night. A murder of humanity and innocence. Justice delayed is justice denied. Just think about his mother who lost her only son. He has been serving the community, on voluntary-basis, in different capacities.

Karachi SITE Area Police registered FIR against two police officials under Section 302/34 R/W-7 ATA in the murder case of Sultan Nazir, a resident of Khan Abad village, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan. Sultan Nazir moved Karachi in the pursuit of quality education but was killed by Police. we demand full inquiry and justice as we are citizen of a free country which has rule and law.

Zohran on social media said that, “And yes that’s my village. Just consisting of 220 households. Crime rate is absolute zero and here a bright brother who was 1000kms away in #Karachi for education get brutally murdered. And he has been a SCOUT his whole life, if that matters to you.” Strongly condemn killing of innocent students by Pakistani police . Raise your voice against Police violence & extrajudicial killings. Couple of days ago Islamabad police killed innocent student Usama & now Karachi police killed Sultan Nazir.

It’s devastating. Sultan Nazir was an active volunteer, a true boy scout in Karachi, and a humble man who would never do harm to anyone, is killed by Sindh police. Oh I can’t get my mind off of the boy scout tie that he used to wear. What a failure. 2 days ago Islamabad police murdered a boy and today Karachi Police murdered Sultan Nasir for no reason. We demand justice. We don’t want any terminations of any police officers. We want them to be tried in an open court.

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