Campus Exam Issue at Sukkur IBA University

I am one of the students of Sukkur IBA University. Since you know that universities are to open from 2nd February yet we are called for campus exams from 11th of January. Many students are from far-flung remote areas of interior Sindh and other parts of the country including Punjab, KPK, Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan. In this state of pandemic it would cost them their health and safety and peace of mind to travel back to campus in given time and appear in final exams (11th Jan, 2021).

Moreover taking physical exams and teaching through online is sending PUBG players to battlefield. I hope that commonsense prevails and you understand our plight and tough situation. I am still confident and have some hope that university administration, education ministry of Sindh and other related officials would look into this and stop torturing the students of IBA Sukkur. This is very concerning for the parents too who want to see their children safe.

I would like to reiterate that we are not shying away from exams. We are not shirking our responsibilities. All we want is a safe and conducive environment for the exams to advance our careers. The pandemic situation is on a steep high!Our university is starting on campus examinations from 11th January. We are not prepared for these sudden examinations. Students who never used twitter are here today because their future is at risk.

Physical Exams are AGAINST government orders and after teaching us Online, they expect us to perform perfectly well on On Campus Exams. It’s beyond my comprehension at least that how any institute can risk thousands of students? I don’t understand, why sukkur IBA management is torturing students by physical exams? While it all went okay previously online!
What about health risks? What if Students are infected? Students’ life doesn’t value for Sukkur IBA.

Education has always been a way to get knowledge and learn skills. What’s the point of taking physical exams when you couldn’t even deliver the knowledge and skill that must be learned in order to make students competent on market level. That is How these institutes has decided to put children life’s at risk. At the moment the second wave of corona is on its peak but institutes are ready to produce the victims of covid to spread it rapidly. Believe it or not, students mental health matters. Even in this pandemic, We did all the assignments that were thrown at us and now suddenly they want to take physical exams? 

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