Churail or Bride on Karsaaz Road Karachi

Did I saw churail or bride on Karsaaz road Karachi ? It was 3am, pitch black as I was returning from my shift from the airport when a beautiful fair girl, attired in colorful bridal dress, jumped in front of my car trying to stop me. I swung my car to side to avoid collision and caught a glimpse of her face. It was expressionless, very pretty yet frightening in an odd way. No sign of life in her eyes, only cold death-like stare full of loathing, brutality and urgency to get at me.

As I looked into my side mirror after avoiding collision, she was straightening up and then I saw the most horrifying scene of my life. Her torso plus arms were extending towards me, while her legs and head remained where it was. The extending part was stretching towards me while turning burning black and she shrieked in anticipation. That brought me back to my senses and I put my trembling feet on accelerator and sped away. I heard a thudding noise on the boot of my car but I never looked back. I heard couple of blood curling lamenting cries but never looked back.

I kept driving for I don’t know how long when I realized that I was near some roadside restaurant full of people and lights. I stopped my car there and just fell outside of it; trembling, crying, shivering, and asking people to save me from her. The confused crowd first thought that I was victim of some street crime and they tried to console me in typical Karachi way that I should be thankful that I was still alive and had my car with me. Someone thankfully gave me water and patted me on my shoulder. I hugged that guy and told that crowd the whole story. They looked at me like I was some moron or crazy guy.

Well the above story was told to me by one of my uncle. You will find one such uncle or aunt or friend or relative in almost every family in Karachi who had seen the Churail or bride on Karsaaz Road Karachi on Shahrah e Faisal. It is one of the most popular mythical horror story of Karachi or shall we call it a folklore?

It’s a very famous told story that when ever you travel through shahrah e Faisal road and you reach near Karsaaz, you come across a bride ( supposed to be Churail) standing along the road in dark night time. Old people of Karachi tell this story with conviction as they add their own version. Some desperate elders focus more on features of the bride and tell the story with longing. Of course I cannot vouch for it as I have never encountered it but I am very curious to hear about your own experience.

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