Interview with Tweep سارہ خلیلی @SaraKhlili

Interview with Tweep سارہ خلیلی @SaraKhlili

Please introduce yourself in 1 or 2 lines?

I am a virtual social worker and a law graduate. Judge banna hai pr usk liye ab duayen he kaam kr skti hein. So say ameen.

What do you usually wear in daily life?

These days I am mostly in my PJs

What is one thing you cannot do without?

Mobile or Internet

Your favourite tweeps?

A lot of them actually. @jingoiztic cuz he forced me to say it and @damnfinechai cuz shes my best friend here and I enjoy all the funny tweeps

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


What are your healthy habits?

I drink…a lot of water and constantly work on my mental health

Your all time favourite movie?

I am not much of a fav this or that person. I watch things on the go. I just like mindless funny things to watch

What do you do in your spare time?

Totally depends on the mood but its mostly involves screens

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Never been to any destination holidays. I just love my room too much and I like to stay there when I need quiet and peace.

What’s the last thing you bought?

Last thing… I think it was makeup which I haven’t seen yet cuz they delivered it after I moved out of Pakistan.

Your message for readers of

My message….the thing I keep repeating to myself “waqt se pehley nahi aur naseeb se zyada nahi” and it keeps me calm mostly. Stick to this thinking and never compromise on your mental health. Also, keep donating to #EducationForAll

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