PST JST Jobs in Sindh 2021 and Increment Issue

PST JST Jobs in Sindh 2021 and Increment Issue

PST JST Jobs in Sindh 2021 through NTS and SIBA testing service has lots of confusion and questions around it as potential candidates struggle to find the right information at the right time. Due to the COVID issue, physical means of getting that information is also not available.

And then there is increment issue of existing employees. Salary Increments are small relief’s to poor employees with rising inflation how can you stop it?how can you force poor teachers to work on fix pay? We want justice for The New appointed #JESTs &#ECTs Teachers, Increment is basic right of every govt servant so we are Requesting to Sindh Govt kindly resolve the issue of increment. Humble request to our minister education, sir why we have to go on strikes to solve our issues please sir we request you to solve increment issue of newly appointed teachers so they can focus on there duties.

Why Saeed Ghani, the education minister in Sindh is not paying attention to this issue is beyond comprehension. He talks quite actively in the talk shows and has got this ministry merely due to those talkings and defending his party but now he is doing nothing to resolve issues. It has been the custom of Sindh Govt to deprive the teachers of their basic rights. Once again, we JESTs and ECTs have been deprived of our annual increment.

Annual increment is the right of an employee. This is how you treat meritorious (JESTs/ECTs). Annual increment has been cut off for the IBA test passed Teachers. We need justice. All employees who r on contract have taken their Annual Increment Even d teachers Who are appointed before 2018 had taken increment Then why u r only targeting IBA passed teacher 2018 what kind of message u r delivering to Upcoming teachers.

Annual increment is the right of newly appointed IBA meritorious employees. Kindly Solve this issue Mr. Ghani as this is need of hour. Sindh Govt is punishing meritorious IBA Teachers. They have been deprived their due share of increment. Everywhere in the world a teacher is the heart of the educational system. Teachers are nation builder . So please stop injustice with us. Increment is our constitutional right.

In the end, I will leave you with this quote:

Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.
– Scott Hayden

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