Who is Seth Abid of Pakistan – The Real Story

Who is Seth Abid of Pakistan and why even the Prime Minister of Pakistan has tweeted about him after his death? A mysterious figure in the Pakistani echelons as he never held any portfolio or position and yet he was considered one of the most influential Pakistanis ever. You won’t even find photo of Seth Abid or any picture in public sphere on the media.

Based in Lahore and Karachi, Seth Abid was said to be among the 30 richest persons of Pakistan. His wealth is so huge that even he didn’t know fully about his assets. The number of factories, hotels, motels, offices, buildings, and charities are still shrouded in mystery. He was one of the top tax payers of the country. Seth Abid’s son was killed in Lahore in 2006 and afterwards he never himself and went into depression. It’s sad to see how he spent his last days but his services for the country are huge.

Seth Abid died after a brief illness at a hospital in Karachi at the age of 85. Seth Abid was born in Kasur. He has left three sons and three daughters behind him. His wife died few years ago. He was a self made person who worked hard to reach where only people can dream to reach. He not only launched new  businesses but also helped the state to progress the Pakistan’s assets. He never was reluctant to help the country whenever he was asked to and he even spent from his own pocket.

Karachi’s sarafa market (Karachi Gold Market) will be so sad today as Seth Abid was one of the hallmark of that market and he devised the rules and regulations there. He was the king of sarafa market and the gold trade in Pakistan. His one facical expression used to change the gold rates in the country and outside. He was the man. Pakistan needs to create some memorial in his honor. We should render tribute to him in every way possible because he has done so much for the nation.

One of my friend who visited Congo told me that their family visited a Gold factor in Congo in the city of Panzi and that gold factory belonged to Seth Abid. Later that factory was sold to an Indian national. He visited the factory in 2015. We offer deep condolences on the sad demise of Seth Abid Hussain as he had incredible great part for Pakistan land in conversion of Atomic energy and its creation as well as being very helpful to Pakistan. His role to help Pakistan will never be forgotten.



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