Interview with Tweep Dr Jinn @58R

Interview with Tweep Dr Jinn @58R

Please introduce yourself in 1 or 2 lines?

Mathematician, PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, pilot, ex Professional Cricketer, and an Exceptional Cook

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?

Staying Alive : survived air Crash, got thrown out of a moving Car, head on Car Crash, penicillin reaction, fell from 16 feet on concrete, passed out whilst driving at 80mph

What is one thing you cannot do without?

My freedom

What is your favorite food?


Your favourite tweeps?

Every one I follow is very special, most of them i have met in physical space

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


What are your healthy habits?


Your all time favourite movie?

Blues Brothers

Your all time favorite song?

Tum na Jaaney Kis jahaan mein kho gaye … lata

Do you have any fantasy you can share with us?

Fly a small plane around the world.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?


How do you handle stress and pressure?

Time and resource Management, also engage in creative healthy activity such as wood work

Your message for readers of

Impossible is I M Possible

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