Who is Dr. Faisal and Pakistan Not Getting Covid Vaccine

Who is Dr. Faisal and Pakistan Not Getting Covid Vaccine

Is it true? Really? Pakistan is not getting Covid vaccine as per Dr. Faisal? We haven’t even placed an order for it yet? How is that possible? Pakistan is one of the worst hit country in the world with rates never declining and yet we haven’t really made any arrangements to get the vaccine let alone getting it on the priority basis?

Dr. Faisal Sultan is the ear and eye of Imran Khan when it comes to health administration in the country. Dr. Faisal Sultan is the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health and literally controls the whole Coronavirus campaign by Pakistani government. He has been seen in the press conferences, in the hospitals, during lockdown announcements, during media briefings on various news channels and in the talk shows.

“Although, we are striving hard to get the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine at the earliest for our frontline workers and others but the final order has not yet been placed and accepted (by any vaccine manufacturer),” Dr. Faisal says. Even the poorest of countries in Africa and Latin America have placed orders. Not only placed orders for the vaccine, but also hundreds of thousands of people have been given both the doses of different vaccines.

The Special Assistant to PM on health said that although they were trying to get the vaccine as soon as possible but no exact date could be given and it could be months before even order is placed. Pakistanis could get vaccine as late as next year in 2022. This is so disappointing and alarming for the masses of this country who were relying on this PTI government to make sure that we get the vaccine as soon as possible.

Pakistan was in fact dealing with various companies to get the vaccine but it seems very incompetently. China’s Sinopharm has submitted its data with Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) but it has not progressed that well so far. Astrazeneca’s manufacturer is the same story. Russian vaccine Sputnik V is no different at all. Health authorities in Pakistan are looking towards Dr. Faisal and Dr. Faisal is telling us that he is clueless.

What a mess.

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